Monday, May 12, 2008

The Finest In Yellow Journalism

Embellishment and sensationalism are often implemented when telling a story for dramatic or comedic effect. In many cases, deviating slightly from the truth is understood and even welcomed. However, as is obvious to most already, when one strays too far from the truth it often leads to false notions of what actually took place. The Superbad clip (NSFW) below provides a perfect example of my last point.

This leads us to our next case. Which of the following sources do you consider to be the best reporter of news...and why?

The Onion:
They proclaim to be "America's Finest News Source." If you need a representative sample of their reporting check out this video clip.

Fox News:
Some people argue Fox News and its anchor-people are biased because they cater heavily to the conservative/Republican agenda. But that seems a bit unfair. Afterall, their slogan is "We report. You decide." Decide from this video...

Weekly World News:
Billed as "The world's only reliable news source," WWN has a long and storied history of bringing people facts. And it should come as no surprise that it's the eighth highest circulating newspaper in the world when they have quality news stories like this one.

The Daily Show:
Led by the charismatic John Stewart, its main goal is to bring truth and facts back to the news...with a "slight" liberal bias. Get a flavor of their leftist propaganda below.

Final Verdict: The Daily Show (4 vs. 2 the Onion vs. 0 Fox News vs. 0 WWN)

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