Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enough Talk...How You Walk?

Everyone has their own way of walking. Some of us stand tall and take big strides, some of us are hunchbacked and drag our feet. I am still looking for my signature stroll. Much like Joey from Friends, I am going through a walking identity crisis. Help me decide which of these walks below I should add to my repertoire.

Walk Like and Egyptian

This walk was popular when the pyramids were made (according to all those drawings anyways) and made a huge comeback in the '80s thanks to The Bangles. This proves that being cool is sooo cyclical. Since I've never been cool...I'm pretty sure my time is coming up!

Walk The Dinosaur

I didn't know Robin Williams was in a band (you'll see him :20 seconds in). This walk is clearly pre-historic. If you think I should go old-school, than this is definitely the walk you should choose for me.

Walk Like Cleto

(The song starts around 1:10) This walk is the new rage. I hear all the kids are doing it. And yes...this is REAL. I've watched it twice from start to finish and I still can't believe it. Highlights are too numerous to count, but I especially cherish the line, "You're going to bounce that booty like a basketball."

Final Verdict: Walk Like an Egyptian (3 vs. 1 vs. 0)

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James said...

I beleive you did forget one walk. This walk comes from teh ever popular sitcom, Full House. There was an episode in which Steve Urkel spent some time in the Tanner household. In the scene with just Steve and Uncle Jessie, Uncle Jessie confronted Steve about his walk. He said it looked like Steve forgot to take the cardboard out of his underwear. I don't remember the specifics of the walk that was taught, but I firmly beleive that it should become your next walk.