Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The People vs. The Hangover

So if you are someone that thinks there is nothing more nerdy than writing blog posts, you are wrong. I spent nearly an hour last night looking at The Gavel's site stats. A few interesting things were accrued from this research. For instance, people from Germany, England, Romania, and Columbia have taken a peek. Someone found this blog via Google by searching "Michael Bolton Sucks." And the most popular and most visited post to date has centered on drinking bad wine.

In conclusion, my audience is a worldly bunch of drunks with a little bit of music taste. In order to cater to the interests of my audience (thank you marketing 101) I have created an Ultimate Hangover Mix to soundtrack this post.

The Ultimate Hangover Finalists:

Final Verdict: Idiot #2


Anonymous said...

What in the hell is this site about? Why are there no CURE related blog entries? Or posts about Robert Smith's homosexuality? I highly suggest you give this blog a makeover. Comprehend, friend?

bacardi said...

Is #5 u Erik? haha

This is Erik Bacardi Chang

erik bacardi chang said...


I dont c y ur not speeking 2 me. I thinked we are frinds from balley hall. please tell eriks

erik bacardi chang

Erik said...

Chang...how could I forget you! I remember the times we shared together fondly. Like the time when you used your shower towel to floss yourself. Or, let's not forget the many occasions I woke up with you staring at me. Ahhh...great times.